• ATM – 11km away in the village of Bohorok, a guide will take you by motorbike for around 50,000rp round-trip, or you can try to take a local bus known as an ‘opelet’ for about 3,000rp/each way, plus potentially a becak to take you to the bus station about 1.5km from Bukit Lawang. The ATM is owned by Bank Rakyat Indonesia and is on the Mastercard/Cirrus network. Visa/PLUS cards will NOT work. If you have a Visa-family card, do not try to use it here. In this case you will need to take a longer journey possibly to Binjai, about 2 hours away. Note that the ATM in Bohorok is sometimes empty of money and there may be a day or two’s delay while it is reloaded. Generally it’s safer to bring plenty of money to Bukit Lawang rather than try to get more.
  • Post Office – like the ATM, this is in Bohorok. Here you can maybe send a post card home, but don’t send anything of value. Western Union transfers can be received here. Open Monday-Saturday.
  • Money changer – there are a number of money changers who will change a variety of Western and regional currencies to rupiah. Rates are slightly lower than in Medan.