Domestic Flight Reservations – Indonesia

Sumatra Jungle Adventure Tours can reserve and issue your flight tickets within in Indonesia.
We offer this service to many European & American travel agents as well as individual travelers,
as it is very difficult to purchase these domestic flight tickets outside Indonesia.
it is prohibitively expensive for some unknown reason. Therefore we have chosen to make this
service available to our guests and overseas travel agents. We do charge a nominal 25% service
fee for this ticket service – we make the reservation, have the tickets issued and delivered as
e-tickets (by email) or upon arrival in Medan. Generally we find most people don’t mind
this surcharge as it guarantees that they have a seat and it is cheaper than booking the flights in their home country.

Sumatra Jungle Adventure Tours can offer you domestic flights within Indonesia to and from Medan,Jakarta,Padang,Banda Aceh,Nias Island,Jogjakarta,Bandung,Lombok,Surabaya,Denpasar (Bali)

Note: All ticket sales are final – there are no refunds or exchanges allowed. If you need to change your ticket penalties will apply and they vary from airline to airline depending on the airline company. In certain cases (if it is possible to obtain a refund) there will be a service fee of $65 USD per ticket, plus whatever the airline charges for refunding or changing a ticket. Lastly, please note, that sometimes airlines will cancel a flight without notice leaving you stranded and not capable of making your international connections. Sumatra Jungle Adventure Tours is not in any way liable or financially responsible for events that take place regarding late or cancelled domestic flight services.