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Jungle Trekking in Bukit Lawang at Mount Leuser National Park North Sumatra Indonesia.
Sumatra Jungle Adventure Tour offers many different kinds of trek in the Bukit Lawang area or outside.

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Fadil Guest House Bukit Lawang

Are you looking for accommodation in Bukit Lawang? If you are looking for a simple place that is comfortable to sleep and not expensive, it suits your budget. Fadil’s guest house is the place.

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Daisy C
Daisy C
Special experience (2 night/3 day trek) Firstly I must say we googled companies having decided to do a jungle trek and the reviews for Sumatra jungle adventure made us pick them. Everything was organised via email with no prior payment taken. One of the guys was at our guest house in Bukit Lawang when we arrived late the night before. He was super friendly and made us feel at ease.The next morning we met our guide Ando along with associate guide Tyson and Agys the jungle master chef! They were all friendly and relaxed while we sorted ourselves out. We did a 2 night 3 day trip in low- medium season. At first we were taken aback by how busy the jungle trails were but we soon forgot about this when we saw our first up close glimpse of the beautiful orang-utans. we knew it didn’t matter about the other groups then! Very special to see them in their natural habitat. Ando the guide was full of interesting information about the jungle and the animals all the way!As we trekked further it got quieter.We camped alone. The camp was VERY basic but it is the jungle! A bamboo structure with plastic covering open at the front. With a mosquito net (that had seen better days!) and very very thin mat to sleep on (I mean seriously thin and uncomfortable!) we were a little worried about this fact, but when Agys set out the feast of food all cooked on an open fire (WAW!- best food we’ve had in our month of travelling!) delicious! We had a fun evening with the guys. We didn’t sleep well and it was uncomfortable but waking up in the jungle is spectacular! Day two was great. It is a lot of up and down over and across the dense jungle hills but we really enjoyed it! Do need lots of mosquito spray and water! We saw more orangutans and some other monkeys and birds.Second camp was even more basic with a really great view of the river, and was a great place to swim!Another uncomfortable night was had.We river tubed back to Bukit Lawang on three large rubber rings tied together captained by Agys and Ando. This was a lot of fun and a real relief from the humidity of the last couple of days walking for 6-7 hours a day!All in all a really great experience. We’d like to go back for longer!Ando the guide and Tyson were really great! Can’t fault them. Lovely guys. Agys made the most delicious food and was a friendly chap.Our only issue was the mats to sleep on.The day we got back Sopian the owner came to get our feedback and was great to chat to. He’s going to look into seeing what changes can be made given the limitations of getting stuff in and out of the jungle. Perhaps if it can’t be changed it can be mentioned so that people can carry their own mat if they want to :)Another important point was how respectful of the jungle the guys were. Taking all the rubbish/ fruit skin etc with us/ keeping distance from the orang-utans not making noises or disturbing them etc like we saw other groups doing. What a great experience.We will be back!! Thanks so much especially to Ando, Tyson and Agys!
Mari H
Mari H
5 days 4 night jungle trip Positive sides:- welcoming reception and nice people- amazing food during the hike- interesting treck + quite a lot of wildlife to see-very friendly stuff and people Negative sides:- other guide who joined us later didnt explain us enough about wildlife, route etc. we had to ask many things and sometimes got minimal reply/information.- we were promised air mattresses,closed tent and sleeping bags. What we actually got was "mattresses" so thin that it can be called more floor cover that just prevents from cold, no softening function there. "Sleeping bags" where actually just sheets, that were not enough to keep you warm and cozy in night. Tents were just plastic that was put over wood sticks to protect from rain, but there were no mosquito nets or doors, all was opened. - rafting back on jungle taxi can be extremely dangerous. One of the rafts we were using turned around and 3 of us were stuck under raft in the fast flowing water. There were no instructions given prior the rafting nor no helmets provided. Luckily we survived.Suggestions for the tour company: - please advise customers about what kind of equipement is actually provided, we would have taken our own sleeping bag and mattress, if we would know, and there wouldnt be no problems.- please do instruction before rafting, what to do when there is a accident with the raft etc. also please provide helmets.- please make sure your guides are helpful and inform the group about the hike, track, wildlife etc- please inform your customers about leeches in wet season and that high socks (many pairs) are must! Also please advice customers that part of the treck is in the river (with longer trecks), so they know to prepare appropriate shoes (waterproof shoes is misleading in this context). Worth of reccomending local rubber shoes that can be bought from Bukit Lawang with 1 EUR.Overall i personally enjoyed a lot the hike and experience in jungle and the service of the tour company was good, just some things should be definetely improved and changed.
Beatriz R
Beatriz R
Awesome experience We did a 6 day trek in the jungle and these guys were awesome. They made it really easy to organise as they even booked our flights from KL and the transfer from Medan. The accommodation before the trek was outstanding, the food in the jungle was amazing as most of it was actually picked from the jungle which it made it even better. They really looked after us as some parts of the trek were challenging. We also got to see some orangutans which was great and Bukit Lawang is an awesome little village worth spending some time there. An outstanding experience!!!
Marie-Louise H
Marie-Louise H
Fantastic Jungle treek Thank you so much for making our stay in Sumatra something really special to remember:)You took us rafting and Jungle trekking. Our guide Jay did an amazing job, we got to see lot of orangutans and other animals. We felt safe and taken cared of the hole time. My daughter really enjoyed all the tricks and games Jay showed us during dinner in the junglecamp. We can absolutly recommed Sumatra Jungle adventure! The Hok family (2 kids 8Y and 11Y)
Amazing jungle tour! Wow! Amazing jungle tour. Very well arranged. Good food and knowledgeable guide! Jay! You were great! Only thing was we got robbed of 300 euro. Dont take money into the jungle! Xx
A w
A w
Amazing jungle experience! I booked a 3 day trek with Sumatra jungle adventure, after reading all the great reviews online. I arrived late the night before the booked trek and felt I needed one extra day to get some sleep and strength. So I asked to postpone the trek with one day. This was no problem whatsoever. I met up with my guide Jay, who explained what the trek was going to be like, what was good to bring etc. (enough dry clothes, rain jacket, toilet paper, swimwear etc) I didn't have good trekking shoes, so he recommended me to buy these kind of plastic water shoes that look like football shoes. All the guides wear them. They only cost me 30.000 RP. I was really happy I bought them cause the trek can be muddy and slippery. The trek was really the coolest experience I had in my 5 weeks traveling in Indonesia. I absolutely loved it! The nature, seeing all the wild animals, especially the orangutans! We saw many and they came very close. Not to have electricity, wifi, hot water etc, made me so happy! Just being in nature. Jay was very knowledgeable about the nature, the animals and the jungle. The camps that we stayed at for the night were both at the river. There we could swim and rest. The food provided was very tasty! I mentioned when booking the trip I was vegan and they provided me with great food; lots of fruit, fried rice with vegetables, curry, tempeh and rice. Jay, the other guides we ran into and the guy preparing our meals were so kind. We played card games in the evenings and the atmosphere was just great!I honestly would do another trek in a heartbeat. Preferably a longer one, to really experience the jungle even more. I would highly recommend booking a trek trough Sumatra Jungle adventure. It's an experience of a lifetime! You will not regret it!
Nadia P
Nadia P
Enthralling from the start We booked a 7 day trek with this company, having been impressed by some of the other reviews, the pictures and the quick and helpful responses from Andrya, the manager.We were met at the airport and driven down to Burkit Lawang in a private vehicle. It can be a long drive between 3-5 hours depending on the time of day and traffic, and thanks to the condition of the road it can be bumpy, but our driver was pretty skilled and it was a fairly comfortable journey.We arrived quite late in the night, but were still greeted by Omano, our guide, who gave us a brief of what we should expect on the first day. Accomodation was provided, and is basic but very welcoming. Besides if you are undertaking a trek in the jungle, you won’t be overly fussy when there is a bed in sight.You need a certain attitude to go trekking in the jungle – it is hard going and some of the trek can feel a little impossible but just keep putting one foot in front of the other– we trekked for around four hours a day, but the scenery and the abundance of wildlife you see is so worthwhile. Every person will have their own experience so we won’t bore you with the wonders of all that we saw, but Omano was both knowledgeable and experienced in finding and pointing out these wonders.Alongside Omano, was a team of three guys, Ram, Imran and Buoy – who were tasked with setting up our camp every night and providing food and water. Without a doubt these guys, in particular Ram and Buoy made the trek simply fabulous. With tireless energy and smiles that never quit, these guys were incredibly resourceful and whipped up a magnificent feast at every meal time. Ensuring we were greeted with tea/coffee and a variety of sweet biscuits at every meal time, breakfasts were triple decker club sandwiches or pancakes, and lunches and dinners were always inventive, different every night and filling as they could be. Portions were huge and despite leaving no trace of food on my plate night, I think I offended this lovely lot by not having thirds.Ram kept us entertained nightly with brain teasers, card tricks and games – and the three of them had no problems looking after our every need. Buoy is a masterchef genius who just kept impressing us with is skills and resourcefulness! Fruit is abundant as well and I guarantee you will not have tasted pineapples as sweet as those you have for dessert.These guys truly made us feel like royalty as they do all they can to carry some much equipment and ease any strain you may have with the trek and jungle conditions. Top tips and hints – sleeping at night, despite having a tent and an air mattress provided, it can be pretty hard going on your bones. If you can take another mattress for padding then that’s advisable. Spray your tents with insect repellent and you should avoid getting bitten.Water is provided, but it’s boiled so will have a smoky taste to it – this can be disguised easily with the concentrated juice capsules/bottles now available in most shops. Alternatively – cold tea is very refreshing.Drying your clothes is impossible – so washing them isn’t recommended. As long as you have two sets of clothing, one for the jungle and one for the camp – you will be fine. You get to bathe in the river every night, I wore a bikini under a t-shirt as there really isn’t much privacy.For footwear, the terrain of this jungle trek I would advise light weight trekking shoes, possibly trainers with good grip as most of the ground tends to be firm but smooth unlike mountain treks.In regards toiletries, a basic all in one hair+ body wash should suffice with cleansing wipes for when nature calls and a discreet outdoor bathroom trip arises. You don’t need water purification tablets, just insect repellent.Although food is ample, snacks such as fruit bars and nuts are handy and the guides are always grateful to share them with you as it will often be things they don’t have available.A head torch and a back-up power back for your devices really are essential.
Integrity and experience Omano is a an experienced guide with integrity and passion for the place. He is knowledgeable about both the plants and resident animals. His English is good. He was very responsive to our internet inquiries (unlike two other places) and tailored a trip to meet our interests. Though there was a last minute glitch in the accommodations (Sam's "lost" the reservation that had been made weeks in advance), Omano found us another place on the riverside (Mboy Guesthouse--good; see review) and made it right. His associates (Ian, Imran--driver,and Tona--assistant guide) were professional, courteous and helpful. Tono (?) went ahead of us on the trek to look for siamang and was very, very helpful in the long, steep, slippery descent down to the river (and guesthouse) at the end.
Een mooie maar zware tocht Het is er prachtig! Het hotel iets te primitief alleen koud water. De tocht was zwaar veel klimmen langs lianen en glibberig. Dus heel spannend! Maar wel de Oerang Oetangs gezien. Fantastische! en terug over het water op rubber banden. Heerlijk relex.
Trip of a lifetime We were a little nervous as we began our 8-day trek from Bukit Lawang to Kutacane as everyone in Bukit Lawang had looked at us aghast when we said we were heading out for a week in the jungle! But thanks to the expert guiding of Baik and his team of Boi, Oyou and Am, we managed what was the most physically challenging trek of our lives. By day we would walk along and across a number of rivers and by night would relax in our bamboo and plastic camp to feast on a delightful dinner of freshly caught fish while watching the fireflies and counting the stars. Nothing was too much trouble for our fabulous team and they worked at all times to keep us safe as we made our way across chest-deep water and followed the near vertical animal tracks up the mountains. We saw fresh tiger prints, followed elephant tracks, witnessed the rare Rafflesia Arnoldii flower (the largest flower in the world), photographed a lime green ular bulan (moon snake) and enjopyed countless coloured butterfies that would land on our wet clothes when we hung them out to dry.This is certainly not a trip for the faint-hearted. The terrain is tough and the conditions are hard but the rewards certainly make the effort worth it. Just be sure to bring your own sleeping mat as the rocky ground can be quite uncomfortable at times. Also, a healthy supply of bandaids for leech bites on the feet and water shoes with good grip are essential. We feel truly privileged to have had this experience and want to thank Omano, Baik and the boys for their knowledge, their help and their wonderful company. We cannot recommend Sumatra Jungle Adventure highly enough. This was certainly the trip of a lifetime.

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