About Us

Welcome To Sumatra Jungle Adventure

   The Sumatra jungle adventure tour team is engaged in the tour and travel business, domiciled in the Bukit Lawang area, a small place bordering the Mount Leuser National Park. Sumatra jungle adventure has long existed in the field of adventure tours in Sumatra. Also, it has a complete and experienced team in the jungle, speaks English, has good behavior, and is friendly to guests in providing information, and also helps a lot in social projects for the environment and shows good ethics while viewing wildlife in the jungle with guests. because we try to help preserve nature and the survival of wild animals, some of which are almost extinct.

 We show and teach each guest what we know and how to do better when doing activities in the forest so that we don’t come into contact with or get too close to animals and don’t damage/take plants in the woods. I hope that what we are doing can reduce the negative impact on guides who pay less attention and care for the continuity of the ecosystem in the future.

We will do our best for each of our guests and will try to help provide a good solution if needed. and if you don’t have a lot of funds, we can also help you, because we are very flexible in managing this business.

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